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A mighty tool that lets you backup all your Google accounts locally.

Stefan Strobel / Weblog

Or, you can use a program such as BackupGoo, which will fetch your Gmail and Google Docs.

David Shamah / Jerusalem Post

There is a huge cloud storage trend. But what happens if you want to access your data, but no Internet is available?

Engelbert Hörmannsdorfer / Speicherguide

On the off chance that the worst happens, or you simply run out of space, you may want to consider backing up all your Google data onto your computer. BackupGoo offers a dead simple way to do this which means less hassle for you.

Henry Bennett / Appstorm

If you need a universal tool which can seamlessly backup your Google accounts whilst allowing creating backups at defined intervals, BackupGoo is probably the tool youre looking for.

Usman / Addictive Tips

Automate your calendar backup using BackUpGoo, a simple desktop app designed to save all of your Google stuff in one place on your hard drive.

Leslie Poston / TechnoBuffalo

... this is one of the most impressive Google backup tools

Mark Wilson / BetaNews

BackupGoo is a practical tool that backs-up your most important Google data to your local disk automatically.

Christoph / Quarkstar

Making a backup from your Google account is not that easy - you can use a

Tobi / GoogleWatchBlog Germany

Simple and effective, BackupGoo is worth every penny of the asking price.

Mark Wilson / DownloadCrew